Congratulations, you’re a new CIO and wish to “transform” IT. Stop!

IT transformations hold plenty of promise. But they also take two to four years to execute and cost millions of dollars. In the meantime, competitors are not standing still.

IT Transformations hold plenty of promise. They retire technical debt, improve speed to market, streamline infrastructure operations, and free up investments for the things that truly matter – advancing business outcomes. They also buy you time to “do it right this time”.

But they also take two to four years to execute and cost millions of dollars in consultant fees. They involve reorganization of roles and responsibilities. They require significant re-staffing and re-training, not just of IT staff, but also business staff. They require patience when some systems will inevitably fail.

  • Is change necessary for most IT organizations? Yes.

  • Does technical debt need to be retired? Yes.

  • Should investments be shifted to value-creating IT activities? Yes

But large scale, multi-year transformations are NOT the way to do it. You don’t have to change everything to create lasting value. We have helped clients pick the most impactful set of actions that can make significant change within 12 months.

Even though each company’s situation is unique, a set of frameworks can help accelerate the design and implementation that is best suited for the company. First Quadrant Advisory deploys the following assets and accelerators.

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