Strategy should reflect 'next practices', not 'best practices'.

A thoughtful, data-driven strategy is the most important output from a leader of any large enterprise, or an operational function within that enterprise. But far too many strategies fail before they ever even get started. Why is that? And how do you develop a strategy that is both enduring and executable?

The most common methodologies for developing strategy haven’t changed in 30 years. They were developed for a business climate of high barriers-to-entry that don’t exist today. This outdated model, often developed by an army of junior consultants, insufficiently addresses three crucial areas that are paramount to a strategy that is enduring and executable:

  1. Thoughtful surfacing and evaluation of the strategic choices ahead of you

  2. Deep, meaningful, and lasting alignment of core underlying beliefs among your leadership team

  3. Strategy that not only describes ‘what we have become’, but also ‘how we operate’

We have a different approach, one that focuses heavily on those three crucial elements. And our team of experienced strategy professionals have sat right where you sit – leading organizations in developing strategy that has to work.

Even though each company’s situation is unique, a set of frameworks can help accelerate the design and implementation that is best suited for the company. First Quadrant Advisory deploys the following assets and accelerators.

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