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Working on the toughest social issues, with enduring impact.


Borrowing from Silicon Valley’s “platform business” concept, we intend to help foster a high-performing ecosystem that brings together academic research, non-profits, start-ups and corporations to invent, incubate and implement long-term, data-driven solutions to systemic issues. 

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Our amazing team of healthcare experts, non-profit entrepreneurs and seasoned executives are committed to advancing solutions to social ills. We take our convictions and turn them into action.

Think you would be a good fit?

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Personal experiences with mental illness, addiction, disability inclusion and other social issues motivated our founding team to seek a new approach. Recognizing that 82% of social organizations fail within 3 years, we seek to change that statistic!

We are a team of passionate individuals on a mission.

Vijay Murugappan - FQA Team
Vijay Murugappan
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Co-founder and CEO

Bryan Giaimo - FQA Team
Bryan Giaimo
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Partner, FQA Strategy Practice Lead

Caitlin Powers - FQA Team
Caitlin Powers
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Co-founder and Executive Director

Chris Jones - FQA Team
Chris Jones
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Partner, FQA Innovation Practice Lead

Dr. Yogesh Shelke - FQA Team
Dr. Yogesh Shelke

Engagement Manager,

Clinical Specialist

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Vinay Nadig - FQA Team
Vinay Nadig
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Partner, FQA Performance Practice Lead

Unique Approach


Despite ample financial resources, deep knowledge of the system and a large network of medical and behavioral resources, our founder Vijay Murugappan lost the mother of his children, the woman he married 20+ years ago and a caring pediatrician, to years of mental illness, addiction and associated complications.

"We did everything right and were well-supported by our friends and family, but couldn’t prevent the tragic outcome. As I shared my story with close friends and acquaintances, I was saddened by how many people had similar experiences, including various colleagues".

Acute social issues such as unmanaged mental illness and addiction have devastating effects on individuals and families, but also have the power to destabilize societies as a whole. Billions of dollars are spent by governments, religious institutions, non-profits and social enterprises to address these issues, yet they remain largely intractable with only modest progress.

FQA - Team
FQA - Team
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82% of social impact organizations fail within 3 years despite best efforts, caring individuals, financial investments and so on, most organizations fail because three critical elements seldom come together effectively. 




We at FQA are eager to “put our shoulder to the wheel,” adding our consulting and research capabilities to these efforts to address vital social issues.  

FQA - Team
FQA - Team


Leverage the skillset of the firm to help advance solutions in the addiction ecosystem.

We intend to help foster a high-performing ecosystem that brings together academic research, non-profits, start-ups and corporations to invent, incubate and implement long-term, data-driven solutions to systemic issues.

We will achieve this objective by taking a new approach to addressing the three common pitfalls of social enterprises: 

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Identifying deeply buried systemic issues vs. surface level symptoms


Taking advantage of human and AI-centered research to unearth core systemic issues worth solving. Primary research, secondary research, ethnographic studies, university grants, data-analysis collaborations with large corporations, and other avenues will contribute to 'knowing'. 


Having the financial and human capital resources and perseverance to execute


Using advanced strategic frameworks to identify and implement solutions to core issues. Solution approaches span assembly of existing solutions, incubation and/or enhancement of nascent solutions, creation of entirely new start-ups or enterprise solutions, and so on.


Sustaining an enduring business that is financially viable and outcomes driven


Applying FQA Consulting team's business model development framework, actuarial and financial modeling expertise, and M&A expertise to create and sustain economically viable business models that attract investors and provide commercial returns in line with for-profit entities.

CSR Activities

We are commited to our communities and understand the importance of giving back. This commitment is deeply embedded in the the ideology of our leaders and a core part of our firm culture. Through firm and individual contributions, volunteerism, and board membership, we support the following non-profit organizations. 

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"I decided to join FQA because I am passionate about public health and access to care issues. With the Social Impact Practice, I think we have an exciting opportunity to apply the firm's skillset to help drive long-term, sustainable change in the addiction space, in close partnership with industry experts."

Caitlin Powers, Director and Social Impact Practice Lead

Principal, M&A