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Addiction Care Navigation Collaboratives

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, bringing together leaders in similar roles at different organizations to discuss challenges, share best practices and explore areas to partner. We seek to improve the patient and family experience across the fragmented ecosystem and scale innovative solutions. 

Social Impact Collaboratives

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Today, just 10% of people with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are getting the care they need. At FQA Institute for Social Impact, we are passionate about helping people with SUD and families because we have lived experience with the fragmented, siloed system.

We strongly believe that those working to improve care navigation can have a significant impact on the patient and family experience. We aim to help those working in this space to improve and scale solutions through Collaborative discussions.​

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Through Collaborative discussions, members:​

  • Share knowledge and expertise on ways to improve the patient and family experience ​of navigating care

  • Resolve operational challenges ​with input from colleagues in roles like theirs at other organizations​

  • Complement relevant skills through trainings on topics of interest and presentations from experts​

  • Learn about innovative solutions being implemented at other organizations​

  • Improve capacity through partnerships 

Interested in learning more?

We welcome Collaborative members, who are engaged in supporting SUD care navigation efforts, whether as a peer coach, social worker, case manager, patient advocate, or other similar role. Simply fill out interest form to learn more about the Addiction Care Navigation Collaborative. 

You can also write to us at

Collaborative Approach

Care Navigation Collaboratives will bring together people in similar roles at different organizations to meet monthly and discuss challenges, share best practices and explore areas to partner.


Collaboratives will consist of those doing the hard care navigation work as:

  • Peer recovery coaches

  • Social workers

  • Patient advocates or navigators 

A cross-functional steering committee of researchers, policy makers and doers will convene on a bi-annual basis to incorporate holistic insights. 

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How will we help?

Through the Collaboratives, we aim to help those working in this space to optimize and scale solutions. 

FQA Institute for Social Impact will bring care navigation leaders onto the same platform, facilitate open discussions to brainstorm on innovative solutions, identify evidence-based practices and keep members informed with latest information and trainings.

We are a team of passionate individuals on a mission.

Vijay Murugappan

Co-founder and CEO

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Courtney Hanna

FQA Senior Associate

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C. Powers.jpg
Caitlin Powers

Co-founder and Executive Director

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Dr. Yogesh Shelke - FQA Team
Dr. Yogesh Shelke

Engagement Manager,

Clinical Specialist

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C. Jones.jpg
Chris Jones

Partner, FQA Innovation Practice Lead

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"Care navigation is a complicated and intricate topic in SUD. Finding the right care for an individual and their family and sustaining recovery​ is challenging in most instances, and we understand that our experience is not unique​. We are launching collaboratives to bring different parts of the system together and impact outcomes through a coordinated response​. "

Yogesh Shelke, FQA Institute for Social Impact Collaborative Lead

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