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Careers at FQA

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FQA - Team Meeting

Humility is the most important attribute for great consultants. It allows you to keep an open mind, be insatiably curious and empathize with your clients.

Vijay Murugappan

President & CEO

FQA - Team Meeting

Our Values


Never assuming we know more than we do


Respectfully pushing boundaries, with a passion for debate


Recognizing value in every person and every opinion


Injecting a positive mindset to all challenges

What we look for?

Here at FQA, we are limitless.

We provide limitless opportunities, limitless learning and limitless growth. 

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We are looking for colleagues to demonstrate a set of skills and attitudes, including: 

Deep expertise in a one or more domains in the healthcare industry

Passion for individual and shared learning, and pushing one’s own boundaries of knowledge

Demonstrable expertise in core consulting skills (e.g., written and verbal communication, Excel and PowerPoint, frameworks and structures, etc.)

Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively across multiple stakeholders

Driven, organized and self-motivated team player that excels in a collaborative environment

Demonstrated ability to lead both clients and colleagues through facilitation and collaboration

FQA - Corporate Building

Why work for FQA?

Unique professional development and mentorship opportunities

The opportunity to be an active participant in the firm’s growth

Competitive benefits such as 401K matching, performance bonus and profit-sharing 

Self-directed work location and schedules

Unlimited PTO

People at FQA

At First Quadrant Advisory, our people are at the center of everything we do, from client work to internal strategic decisions. Each one of us plays an active role at the firm and takes ownership over its successes. 

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For more information about FQA career opportunities we invite you to email us at 

Current Roles

Current Roles


Partner, Payer Industry



Engagement Manager - Payer


Chicago, United States

Open Roles
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